Monitoring Public Cloud machines using vROPS

I have been working extensively on vROPS when it comes to SDDC deployments on IBM Cloud. Recently, one of the clients was curious to know if they can monitor and leverage same dashboards / functionalities to monitor public cloud VMs on IBM cloud as well with the help of vROPS.

Solution Highlights

I found it worth exploring and here were the highlights:

1) Its not straightforward since public cloud machines would not expose underlying platform to you, which would mean there are no entry points except machine itself.

2) We can achieve this using EPOPS agents installed on machines themselves but that's something which would need your deployment image to be curated with EPOPS agent or you need to install EPOPS agent manually after a birth of any new machine on cloud.

3) Once EPOPS agents were installed, you could tweak settings to start gettiing metrics, but native dashboards which come with vROPS are not meant for EPOPS agents, they would not work unless you tweak them (I would prefer building them from grounds up leaving the exisiting ones as they are)

4) I had to use supermetrics to achieve certain aspects as metrics with EPOPS agent are lesser as compared to metrics you would get with vCenter Server endpoint for vSphere / SDDC environment.

What needs to be done

If you are also looking for the similar solution, here is what you need to do:

1) Install vROPS with advanced licensing (enterprise license recommended, since it may give you middleware, application metrics as well)

2) Install EPOPS agent on all you machines that you would like to monitor using vROPS

3) Configure EPOPS agent with certificate handshake over port 443 to enable agent to feed metrics to vROPS server

4) Validate if you are able to see the data on vROPS server

5) Change moniroting policy under applied vROPS policy to enable collection of required metrics (I used all for POC, I would recommend to keep only what is required)

Here is a link to the configuration guide which I followed to do the agent installation

Examples of Dashboards

DOnce I started recieveing the data, I created my own dashboards, which were purely based on requirements. You can create your own dashbaoards or get in touch in case you need any assistance in the process. Here are screenshots of some of the dashboards that I had created:

1) Current Utilization Dashboard :

vROPS EPOPS Utilization Dashboard

2) Capacity Overview:

vROPS EPOPS Capacity Dashboard

3) Top 5 Noisy Machines:

vROPS EPOPS Noisy Machines

There are plenty of dashboards which are possible to create, the only challenge is that each EPOPS endpoint is treated as a different object, in comparison to vCenter Server adapter which is a collection of virtual machines, hosts, datastores etc etc.

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