Lion and Safari Park – Johannesburg, SA

Lion & Safari Park, Johannesburg
Lion & Safari Park, Johannesburg

You've Got To See It To Believe It

Watching wild animals on Nat Geo has been something which I'd not like to miss if I am tuned in. However, to be honest, it has never been something for which I am crazy for.

With that context, I had recently been to Johannesburg, South Africa primarily due to my work assignment. On a Friday morning, I finished off my presentation and had good part of day in my hand to see something Africa is known for.

While the city has multiple such atractions, my local colleagues insisted for Lion and Safari Park which is around 40 KM north from the city. Β And I asked my started marking my way for it, with no anticipation of what am I going to witness.


Welcome by a Giraffe and Ostriches

Waiting for my Safari vehicle to round off the ongoing trip, I thought of exploring the site around. And I could find a young Giraffe on one end and some Ostriches on the other hand. And phew, I could feel this is something else, doesn't actually look the same as television.


Safari Kick Off !!

After waiting for 15 odd mins, they called us for Safari. There were many safari offerings, I had picked a 3 hours one which is their flagship one (I didn't want to take half measures). We were asked to get inside a Safari Vehicle, an open jeep with mesh top and sides. And there I met my Safari Guide and then we kicked off the trip


Some more Ostriches

First up, I saw some Ostriches around where my guide told me there are plenty of ostrcihes around with male ones identified with their black colour. How about strentgth of an Ostrich egg ? It is said to believe that a man weighing 250 lbs can stand on an ostrich egg without breaking it. Cool isn't it ?


Real Deal - Lion Enclosures

Then we made our way to Lion Enclosures, where I could see a happy Lion family relaxing together with around 4 cubs dancing around. I must say, Lions were much more dangerous than they look on videos. My guide told me there were one lioness and 2 lions in the pride and interesting fact was since both lions mated with the lioness, each believed it is the father of all four cubs. Lucky Cubs πŸ™‚

I was lucky to hear them roar which I believe is a real wow feeling especially when you see them roar right in front of you.

Then my guide took us to White Lion enclosures, where we could see couple of white youngsters and they were really hungry for some meat. No wonder they followed us for some meters πŸ˜›


Friendly Girrafe who ate with us

Soon after getting back on normal track, my guide took off the mesh top and sides to sense more jungle. Soon after, a giant giraffe came our way. Our guide was keeping some peanuts to feed it and he knew what we are keeping πŸ˜›

It was unbelievable to see a Giraffe putting its neck inside the safari vehicle and eating peanuts. It was one of the experience that will take time to go off memory

My guide told me it is a Giraffe brought up by humans and hence it is friendly. There are some wild Giraffe in the jungle as well which won't even come close to us.

Amazing Landscapes

Then on our way we were made to pass through amaizing wild landscapes. Those were simply made to believe you are in different land altogether. We could get down and see some Impalas and Deers breeding around in those silent landscapes. Moving on, we would hear a sound of flowing water and could find a river few minutes later. Our guide asked us to get down by the river and offered us some beers which was by far surprising and made each minute of that pit stop worth while. Wild mountains, flowing waters, white sand, and beer in a jungle, what else can you ask for πŸ˜›

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