Understanding Container Fundamentals – Step by Step

Introduction to the course:

This series of blogs is intended to cover container fundamentals which includes architecture, designing, and a brief about process of developing, deploying, and maintaining cloud-native applications on a container platform. In the process of doing what, we will focus mainly on understanding microservices, architecture of the complete container stack using Dockers, Kubernetes, NSX-T and other plugins and tools which makes the system complete to host enterprise applications on the cloud which includes monitoring, reporting, scaling vertically / horizontally and managing the lifecycle of platform.

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By the end of this container fundamentals series, you will be able to understand how an application lives in containerized world and benefits it leverages with virtue of being micro-serviced.

In this container fundamentals series, I have planned only to cover basics of each essential component of complete eco-system so that it is easy to relate things and makes a strong foundation before we go deep into concepts and practical uses cases, probably in one of the upcoming series.

Although there are no hard pre-requisites for each section of this container fundamentals series of blogs however I would recommend following sequence as it will definitely be easier to gain momentum of concepts.

Here is a glimpse of high level objectives:

  • Prerequisites
  • Containers
  • Container Runtimes
    • Introduction to Docker
  • Container Orchestrators
    • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Application Package Managers
    • Introduction to Helms
  • Providing storage to containers
  • Container Networking – Different Models
    • Introduction to NSX-T for container networking
  • Container Eco-System – Connecting the dots
    • Designing a container environment to host enterprise apps
    • Scaling a container environment vertically
    • Scaling a container environment horizontally
  • Planning Apps Migration to Cloud
  • DevOps Basics
  • CI/CD pipeline automation using containers

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