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How to prepare for CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) Exam

I recently attempted and cleared my CKA certification exam and had a great time preparing and writing it. When it comes to exam experience, you would find different opinions where majority of them would rate it to be one of the toughest. My opinion about the CKA exam is it is manageable with self learning backed by a lot of practice.

I was nervous during the exam but was confident of clearing once I finished. Exam contains good mix of 24 lab based questions where a candidate is required to score 74% to pass the exam. I have previously appeared in 2 – 3 VMware based lab exams (VCAP and VCIX) where you are scored similarly based on your ability to deploy the required element or to fix / troubleshoot the existing issue once you identify it based on your judgement.

Environment provided during the exam was smooth with no glitches whatsoever. You are given 180 minutes to attempt maximum of 24 questions where weight of each question is specified in the exam itself along with the question. During the exam, you would realise that time is your biggest enemy. With that being said, exam has been set smartly to test your hard work and practice.